“Oriental Homeward” “L'église de lumièle” just dropped.


“Oriental Homeward” released the new music Album “L'église de lumièle”

“Oriental Homeward” just dropped the new and hot Album “L'église de lumièle”. It will contain the songs 'Ville du papier', 'L'église de glace' and 'L'église de lumièle' total of 3songs. Enjoy the Electronic sound from the far east Asia.

Like a melting ice blocls under the blue sky, like a colors of green leaves transparent to ray of the sun.. three pieces of musics for a day dazzling sunshine,musics for this summer. Oriental Homeward 2019.

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  • 1: Ville du papier

    Oriental Homeward

  • 2: L'église de glace

    Oriental Homeward

  • 3: L'église de lumièle

    Oriental Homeward

Relase date:2019-07-25


Genre: Electronic / Alternative / New Age

ALL Stores: Amazon Music, LINE MUSIC, OTOTOY, OTOTOY ハイレゾ版, Prime Music, Spotify

Oriental Homeward

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