“Amber Groove” “Sayonara” just dropped.


“Amber Groove” released the new music song “Sayonara”

“Amber Groove” just dropped the new and hot song “Sayonara”. It will contain the song 'Sayonara' . Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

All members work as a member of society as usual, and stutter a sound looking for a vacant time as usual, this is just the standard of the Laiwa era. A close-to-life real guitar rock band. Amber Groove. A four-piece set formed in Nagoya by Vo Keiichi from Suzuka, Mie Prefecture. Actively active from the formation. Singing as it is without overdoing it everyday, gathering the joy and sadness, sharp and loneliness that are there, and a little little dream, that stance has made many friends in the guitar rock scene in Nagoya . The previous release from the limited edition of the venue was a great success on the 2 DAYS of Fujigaoka MUSICFARM and the road 3star. Many appearance bands also appeared and I felt how they were loved in Nagoya. "Hulka" is a piece that is packed with Amber Groove's new challenges.

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  • 1: Sayonara

    Amber Groove

Relase date:2019-07-28

Genre: J-Pop / Rock

ALL Stores: iTunes, LINE MUSIC

Amber Groove

Amber Groove

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