“Nechan To Boku & Kaikun” “Hashtag (feat. Sora)” just dropped.


“Nechan To Boku & Kaikun” released the new music song “Hashtag (feat. Sora)”

“Nechan To Boku & Kaikun” just dropped the new and hot song “Hashtag (feat. Sora)”. It will contain the song 'Hashtag (feat. Sora)' . Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

This song is about "enthusiastic" people barely can have an opportunity of addicting to do something, more in adults, We do less communicate with what you want. So I expressed this precious thing in this song.

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Hashtag (feat. Sora)
  • 1: Hashtag (feat. Sora)

    Nechan To Boku & Kaikun

Relase date:2023-01-14


Genre: J-Pop / Dance / Pop

ALL Stores: Apple Music, iTunes Store, LINE MUSIC

Nechan To Boku & Kaikun

Nechan To Boku & Kaikun

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