“yomei0401 & asyolica” “DITTO TEWO MIRU” just dropped.


“yomei0401 & asyolica” released the new music song “DITTO TEWO MIRU”

“yomei0401 & asyolica” just dropped the new and hot song “DITTO TEWO MIRU”. It will contain the song 'DITTO TEWO MIRU' . Enjoy the Alternative sound from the far east Asia.

We humans are thinking creatures. We are creatures that endlessly search for reasons as to why the sky is blue, why we live, and where we go when we die. Where do we go when we die? I'm sure we have all thought about it at least once. I'm sure we've all thought about those silly, unanswerable mysteries and huge worries. We are all thinking creatures. There is a place where we humans, as thinking creatures, are allowed to go. That is the state of enlightenment. A place where the answers to all the mysteries come naturally to us, and we accept them. To reach a place of complete serenity. The only thing that can lead you to that point is this DITTO TEWO MIRU is the song that will lead you there. The path to enlightenment is not an easy one. It is a path of very harsh confusion, loss of reason, and pain that seems to last forever. But think about it, it's no different from us who are trying to live in the world, and we are all already on our way to enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something to be exaggerated. It's about a sanctuary that anyone can attain. And I think about that suffering head on. I work and I work, but my life is not easy I look at my hands carefully, and I look at my eyes. If you look at the palm of your hand, you will see that within the many wrinkles, there are many cells, all of which are the universe that forms you. Even if you look at the palm of your hand to escape the difficulties of life in the world, the universe is there, accepting you as you are. In your right hand is life, goodness, and hope. In the left hand, death, evil, and despair. If you think of those two extremes in your right hand. If we put our hands together. When you put your hands together, life and death, good and evil, hope and despair are combined into one. This is when one realizes. In the universe that is me, the two poles transcend their separation and become one. If I accept all the poles as if the universe accepts me, then I can become the universe. There, at last, the gates of enlightenment will appear and open. I'm sure that once you read this huge content, you'll feel like you've lost your mind. It was not possible for Yomei 0401 to recreate the image of this song by himself. That's why I enlisted the help of a vocaloid producer named Ashiorika. His sound image clearly paved the way for this song and elevated it to something wonderful. We had a lot of fun composing this song, laughing and giggling, occasionally groaning, and by the time it was finished, we were both sighing happily and savoring the excitement of its completion. By the time the song was finished, we both sighed happily and enjoyed the excitement of its completion. I would like to shake hands with Assiolica with all my heart. There is a lot of foreshadowing and sonic approaches scattered throughout this piece, and it is not really easy to grasp each of them. I would like to apologize for making this music incredibly difficult. However, I define this as music that guides you to a state of enlightenment. I hope you will use it as your commuting companion while listening to it through earphones, or as background music while taking a walk, or as work music while studying. I hope it will help you reach a state of enlightenment.

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    yomei0401 & asyolica

Relase date:2021-09-02

LUCY LOVE records

Genre: Alternative / Dance / World

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yomei0401 & asyolica

yomei0401 & asyolica

Doomsday Vocaloid Producer. He started his career as a vocaloid producer in 2013. His first work, "Small Ghosts and Big Ghosts," drew comments like, "It's like listening to early Hachi (Genji Yonezu). Based on a huge worldview with a sense of apocalypse, he borrows from Shibuya-kei and Shinjuku-kei, and calls himself an apocalyptic vocaloid producer. He has become an unavoidable presence in the underground Vocaloid culture, radiating a unique atmosphere. I'll come when you forget. Don't forget me. See you soon.

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