Somnium de Lycoris、「Buried Underneath Blacker Skies」を配信開始


Somnium de Lycorisが「Buried Underneath Blacker Skies」を配信開始

Somnium de Lycorisの「Buried Underneath Blacker Skies」が配信開始された。今回、デジタル配信リリースされた楽曲は、「Buried Underneath Blacker Skies」となっている。

1st Album "In The Failing Hours" will be released in 2022 1. What Lies Beneath 2. Out Of My Depth 3. Obstacles In Our Path 4. Beginnings and Endings 5. Revenant Of An Evil Noesis 6. In The Failing Hours, Pt1 : Music 7. In The Failing Hours, Pt2 : Moral 8. The Bridge To Nowhere 9. Buried Underneath Blacker Skies 10. The Calm Before The Storm Compose : Mari Lyrics : iori Arrange : TOMO Bass :うみぶどう Mix and Master : Takahiro Hashimoto (GALAXY BLAST STUDIO) Art work :Mark Erskine Logo design: 崇

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Buried Underneath Blacker Skies
  • 1: Buried Underneath Blacker Skies

    Somnium de Lycoris


Enigmatic Diversity Records

ジャンル: ヘビーメタル

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Somnium de Lycoris

Somnium de Lycoris

Technical Death Metal/Instrumental

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