“aune & Coral Cell” “Oto-Shirube ~Conduction sounds~” just dropped.


“aune & Coral Cell” released the new music song “Oto-Shirube ~Conduction sounds~”

“aune & Coral Cell” just dropped the new and hot song “Oto-Shirube ~Conduction sounds~”. It will contain the song 'Oto-Shirube ~Conduction sounds~' . Enjoy the Alternative sound from the far east Asia.

Otoshirube (Conduction sounds) by Coral Cell at 2010 Lyrics and composition: aune Arrangement: Coral Cell

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Oto-Shirube ~Conduction sounds~
  • 1: Oto-Shirube ~Conduction sounds~

    aune & Coral Cell

Relase date:2019-07-27


Genre: Alternative / Rock / J-POP

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aune & Coral Cell

aune & Coral Cell

aune (ohne) Born in 1984 Woman Painter, musician, guitarist, death voice list etc. From childhood to the present, aune mainly works in painting. The official site has been established since 2005, and it is written as "paint & music". ① performance and music unit "Vagino A" 2004-2009 aune was in charge of composing and writing on guitar, vocals, death voice, computer music, and lyrics. . 2004 sound source 2 songs CD      Announcing "Uu and Aa" . 2009 Music 7 songs Album CD       Announced "ae" -After the dissolution in 2010, in the name of "aune", an album including the unrecorded song "eleven", It has announced "elevener". ②Girls Band   "Coral Cell" 2005-2011 In charge of guitar, vocals, death voice chorus, lyrics and composition. At the time of formation, Coral Cell was active in 3 pieces band with tama of the bass vocal, From around 2007, tama went out and created music as a two-piece band with the doga on the drum, in the form of Gt, Vo, and Dr, Vo. The main activities were live performances, and live performances were mainly repeated at live houses in Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. aune is feels ROCK music, but when the genre was peoples referred to, there were various things such as "alternative block", "ambient" and "heavy rock". . 2010, sound source 2 songs CD      Announced "音導(Otoshirube)" The CD's second song "Eurasia" is also included in the album "ae" as "VginoA" but as a song "Eurasia" with computer music and guitar. After the aune's debut paint art'st solo exhibition in 2011, the activities at "Coral Cell" were ended. Currently, as aune, has been producing acoustic guitars and piano vocals at will, There are on Youtube. aune playing song . 2008 "音導(Otoshirube)" . 2011 "mamma" . 2012 "Mori no kemono san" As one of the origin of the name of "aune", it means that the musical character of oneself is instrumental music,music without song. There is also the intention of the musical term "ohne". The lyrics arrange soothing sounds, and it is rare to write lyrics as a language, and there are many songs that are not languages. In addition, it is often converted to a language that can be heard by retrofitting, and the word of double means is often used. * "Uu" VaginoA * "Aa" VaginoA Such. < Double Meaning song> * "地底(chitei) ~ wacka ~" Coral Cell * "" 音導(Otoshirube)"aune * "mamma" aune Such. All those songs can be watched from YouTube. aune official web site since 2005 http: // aune web.com/

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