“Saki Kineya” “"The Curry Rice Song"” just dropped.


“Saki Kineya” released the new music song “"The Curry Rice Song"”

“Saki Kineya” just dropped the new and hot song “"The Curry Rice Song"”. It will contain the song '"The Curry Rice Song"' . Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

"The Curry Rice Song " The curry as we know it in Japan didn`t first come from India but it`s actually the European style brought by the English in the early 1920`s. This song is a simple description of the making process written comically by Saki Kineya. The carrots, potatoes and onions are stir-fried then some seasoned beef, chicken or pork are added as one wishes. Mix some spices, put them all in a pot, simmer them and there you go. Tears would fall from chopping the onions, put on a pair of swimming goggles and you are right in the midst of the ocean. Don`t forget the seafood either, which type should we have tonight? Chop Chop Chop round, random or in sticks. Green, Yellow, Red, all sorts of colours exist. Open the rice cooker and oh dear, one forgot to cook the rice. We have Indian, English, cross the ocean and you have Thai, Nepalese, Pakistani. Different styles but Shinjuku Nakamura-ya is the go to in Japan. So come come everyone be happy. The scene is set with Children`s smiles and Curry Rice. Song:Saki Kineya Shamisen:Gosuke Kineya Chuzaburo Matsunaga Hayashi:Hyakunosuke Fukuhara Satatoshiro Mochizuki Fue:Suiho Tosha Translated by Hiroyuki Hata "The Curry Rice Song " MV https://youtu.be/ZnM_dEr8f4o 2020 Rising Wisteria

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"The Curry Rice Song"
  • 1: "The Curry Rice Song"

    Saki Kineya

Relase date:2023-01-26

Genre: J-Pop / Children's Music / J-POP

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Saki Kineya

Saki Kineya

Saki Kineya III Nagauta singer Born in 1983 (Tokyo, Japan). Father is the 7th generation head (Kineya Sakichi) of the Nagauta Samon Kai, a Nagauta shamisen school established in the Edo era. From childhood, his grandfather, Sakichi Kineya V, taught him the basics of shamisen and the basics of nagauta style singing were taught by Living National Treasure, Satoyo Kineya. He first performed when he was 6 years old at the National Theatre in Tokyo, Japan. He took the vocal training under tenor singer, Kazuhiko Ichikawa of the Fujiwara Opera Company. Studied piano under composer and pianist, Mayo Nakano and Nagauta singing under Hisayuki Imafuji. Graduated from Tamagawa University, Department of Art with a major in vocals. Won the newcomer prize at the 11th Asian Classical Music Concert. In 2002, he was appointed with his father's previous stage name of Saki Kineya III. Currently, he performs as a Nagauta singer in recitals, Kabuki performances nationwide (Tamasaburo Bando, Ebizo Ichikawa, Ennosuke Ichikawa, Kankuro Nakamura, etc.), Japanese Classical Dance concerts (Nihon Buyo), television programs and radio programs. Performed in countries such as the United States (New York-Carnegie Hall), Heisei Nakamura-Za Spain performance, Brazil, Singapore and South Korea, along with many other overseas countries. In addition to teaching students in Tokyo, Shizuoka and Nagano, Saki Kineya also holds nationwide workshops aimed towards children. As a member of the Nagauta Association, he often performs and lectures in schools, as well as producing textbooks to spread the Nagauta style of Japanese classical music. In 2014, Nippon Colombia Co, Ltd. released a "Japanese style" Beetle's medley CD. In 2017, Saki Kineya sang the National Theatre of Japan's version of PPAP (PNSP) as an opening act for Pikotaro`s Budokan live. This was played over 3 milion times on YouTube and created a big buzz on CNN in America. In 2017, he founded the company "Rising Wisteria Co, Ltd." Saki Kineya published a book entitled, "Let's sing with shamisen! Nagauta children's songs that can be enjoyed with children" . These songs were composed by Sakichi Kineya IV. The book comes with 2 CDs, in both Iroha score form and Bunkafu tablature form. Saki's grandfather on his mother's side was a movie actor, Isao Kimura who acted in movies such as, "The Seven Samurai", directed by Akira Kurosawa.

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