Promise Land & Dirty Ducks、「Incredible」を配信開始


Promise Land & Dirty Ducksが「Incredible」を配信開始

Promise Land & Dirty Ducksの「Incredible」が配信開始された。今回、デジタル配信リリースされた楽曲は、「Incredible」となっている。

Promise Land & Dirty Ducks - Incredible

なお「Incredible」は、iTunes、Spotify、Apple Music、Amazon Music、Google Play Musicなどの音楽配信サービスで聴くことができる。各配信サービスへはこちら(LinkCore)

  • 1: Incredible

    Promise Land & Dirty Ducks


Sinka Records

ジャンル: ダンス / ハウス

配信ストア: Amazon Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Google Play Music, iTunes, Prime Music, Spotify, YouTube Music

Promise Land & Dirty Ducks

Promise Land & Dirty Ducks

The duo from Rome has boasted many quality productions, with great success on the radio and over all world clubs. Nazario Pelusi e Fabio Ranucci pka Promise Land have got played on several main stations in more than 40 countries in about 15 years time. Their music has got own day on labels like Subliminal records, Spinnin records, Flamingo, Size have granted a rating of high level in the world’s ranking. One of their Highlight spot in career is been the remix for Swedish House Mafia “Don’t you worry child”, so much loved by their fans all over the world. Tracks like “Emotions”, “Gangsta”, “Rulez” and “Bad Dj” again to name the just a handful of those have build a solid, unique and supportive fan base. They had 2 formal tours in the United States, as well as in Asia, Promise Land have taken part in several music festival in Nord Europe, like Tomorrowland 2013, 2014 ( V Session Stage), beside many more in rest of north Europe including Ceamfields / UK. Music design, drop and a high-attitude for melodies has always been a remarkable accent in tracks like “Vega”, “Burn“, “Why I still Love you” and “Memories will Fade” respectively released with Spinnin, Size, Smash The House, MIxMash, Doorn and so on. Def one of most loved and respected italian acts in the world. Latest 2 years have been priceless for Promise Land, with 2 successful tracks: “X-Press” was the most played track at Miami 2017, topping the overall 1001tracklist chart for 4 months in a row, followed by “Skratchin”, also #1 in any sort of buzz chart and is among the most liked and supported tracks of the world (1001tracklist). Promise Land is def synonymous of club banger made in Italy. Their skills as producers have been and are on fire since, working often pop act music as well. 2018 & 2019 has just pointed new more scores for the Duo, with fresh new Music begin signed to Doorn, After-hours, MusicalFreedom, STMPD, Spinnin’ and Hexagon with “IN33D” e lately “The Love” on MF… while a new tune with Dannic is going to be released on Heeldeep by summertime!

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