“Juna Serita” “KAFUNSHO” just dropped.


“Juna Serita” released the new music song “KAFUNSHO”

“Juna Serita” just dropped the new and hot song “KAFUNSHO”. It will contain the song 'KAFUNSHO' . Enjoy the R&B/Soul sound from the far east Asia.

Juna Serita new single "KAFUNSHO"(means hay fever ) Every year I need to deal with it and it's killing me.

You can find and check the “KAFUNSHO” at 'iTunes' etc. Click here to see. (LinkCore)


    Juna Serita

Relase date:2020-03-30

Genre: R&B/Soul / J-Pop / Comedy

ALL Stores: iTunes

Juna Serita

Juna Serita

Juna was born in Ishikawa in 1994. She started playing bass at 17 years old. She won many times at contests as a solo bass/vocal. She went to music collage as a scholarship student. Juna studied under Tetsuo Sakurai who is a member of major fusion band CASIOPEA. Her band "SORAMIMI" released four singles and two albums and performed at various festivals. Juna has joined many recordings and supported musicians both inside and outside of Japan. She also performed with blues guitarists such as Matt Schofield, Tomo Fujita and Kirik Fletcher at the world biggest instruments festival "NAMM SHOW 2017/2018" in Anaheim, California. Her sharp slapping was highly evaluated and became an endorser of Sadowsky's bass "SLAP MASTER". In 2019, she released her solo EP "The Princess of Funk". Juna's own YouTube channel has more than 10000 subscribers. Please visit her channel for the latest informations.

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