Kosei Fukuda、「REITEN 0.005」を配信開始


Kosei Fukudaが「REITEN 0.005」を配信開始

Kosei Fukudaの「REITEN 0.005」が配信開始された。今回、デジタル配信リリースされた楽曲は、「Kouya (Tobias. Remix)」「Kouya (We Will Fail Remix)」「Kouya (Painted by Yotam Avni)」「Kouya (Eduardo De La Calle Suppression Dub Mix)」となっている。

Kosei Fukuda Kouya Remixes Reiten 0.005, 2018 The fifth record on Kosei Fukuda’s own imprint is a set of remixes of Kouya – the track that closes his debut record which is also the very first EP that appeared on the label. It is arguably the deepest composition on that opening release, and choosing it for the task of multiple reworks is a statement in its own right. It puts emphasis on two features of Fukuda’s music. First, his brand of techno is minimalist, yet not completely stripped down to the naked body of the dancefloor functionality. Rather, the hard beats are always veiled by an atmospheric fabric of abstract sounds. Second, it is a relentlessly menacing stuff which delves into the dark side of human feeling and rarely if ever re-emerges from it. This is additionally underscored by the cover which is a pitch black photographic negative of the white cover of the first EP featuring a silver sculpture of human heart. First comes the stroboscopic remix by Tobias that transforms the cavernous sound of the original track beyond recognition, making it into a throbbing electronic pulsation. That’s the heart’s anxious palpitation. The second piece is closer to the base material but adds an industrial twist to it that induces a somewhat paranoid mood. That’s the heart’s unavoidable chronic ache. Flip the record and the third remix – painted by Yotam Avni – appears as close to the structural source of Kouya as it gets. But it shifts the track’s focus from the originally heavy beat to the background chants and glitchy noises. That’s the broken heart’s dark echo. The last bit – Eduardo de la Calle Suppression Dub Remix – slows down the pace and seems to “suppress“ the emotions altogether, drowining them under a remorseless synth pattern that creeps into the track gradually but stops abruptly, and when it does the track is over too and with it the entire record. That’s perhaps the heart’s ultimate attack. As long as it beats, however, it remains enigmatic, resonating, lonely.

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REITEN 0.005
  • 1: Kouya (Tobias. Remix)

    Kosei Fukuda

  • 2: Kouya (We Will Fail Remix)

    Kosei Fukuda

  • 3: Kouya (Painted by Yotam Avni)

    Kosei Fukuda

  • 4: Kouya (Eduardo De La Calle Suppression Dub Mix)

    Kosei Fukuda



ジャンル: インストゥメンタル / エレクトロニック / テクノ

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Kosei Fukuda

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