“GOHOBI” “Stay who you are (Acoustic ver.)” just dropped.


“GOHOBI” released the new music song “Stay who you are (Acoustic ver.)”

“GOHOBI” just dropped the new and hot song “Stay who you are (Acoustic ver.)”. It will contain the song 'Stay who you are (Acoustic ver.)' . Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

You can find and check the “Stay who you are (Acoustic ver.)” at 'AWA' etc. Click here to see. (LinkCore)

Stay who you are (Acoustic ver.)
  • 1: Stay who you are (Acoustic ver.)


Relase date:2020-06-20


Genre: J-Pop

ALL Stores: AWA



Start in 2018. They are a mixed sex POPS band. The sound is fine and colorful. Sing a scene or emotions that seems to be overlooked in everyday life. The voice of SUGiE is exciting and cute. And the voice of cody is soft and tolerant. Their voices are quite different. However, its harmony is very comfortable. Their songs match any scene in their lives. And it sticks closer to the listener's heart. It was a good day, a depressed day, a day when I worked hard. They give a small reward.

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