“Fuling cat mark” “A girl in the sky” just dropped.


“Fuling cat mark” released the new music song “A girl in the sky”

“Fuling cat mark” just dropped the new and hot song “A girl in the sky”. It will contain the song 'A girl in the sky' . Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

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A girl in the sky
  • 1: A girl in the sky

    Fuling cat mark

Relase date:2020-07-09

Genre: J-Pop / Soundtrack / Pop

ALL Stores: Apple Music, iTunes, LINE MUSIC, Spotify, YouTube Music

Fuling cat mark

Fuling cat mark

We are AKISHIBU-kei music group "Fuling Cat Mark". AKISHIBU-kei is a music genre that incorporates Japanese-style anime, voice actor culture elements, and cute female Vocals into fashionable music such as Shibuya-kei(*), JAZZ and City pop. (*)Shibuya-kei is a sub-genre of Japanese pop music which originated in the Shibuya district of Tokyo that is mix between jazz,pop,and electropop. I am also influenced by Shibuya artists such as PIZZICATO FIVE, Cymbals, Round Table, and voice actors such as Yukari Tamura, Maaya Sakamoto, and Haruko Momoi. If you listen to our music that is not only stylish but also packed with very cute elements, it will be addictive!

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