“Emi Satellite” “Glass Ceiling (feat. SKYTOPIA)” just dropped.


“Emi Satellite” just dropped the new and hot song “Glass Ceiling (feat. SKYTOPIA)”. It will contain the song 'Glass Ceiling (feat. SKYTOPIA)' . Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

"Glass Ceiling is an empowerment song that resonates with the hardships of women in the modern society that Emi Satellite has actually felt and moves toward the future. Emi is the member of the synthwave trio Satellite Young.This is the first song of her solo.

Glass Ceiling (feat. SKYTOPIA)
  • 1: Glass Ceiling (feat. SKYTOPIA)

    Emi Satellite

Emi Satellite

Emi Satellite

Emi Satellite is an singer based in Tokyo. In addition to a wide range of work spanning from TV hosting and writing columns to making an art installation, she is the lead singer and lyricist of Synthwave band Satellite Young. Combined with a contemporary spin on the sound of 1980s J-pop and sci-fi anime, their lyrics tackle modern issues within the technology sphere including AI, online dating, and social media. Through collaborating with a wide range of international creators such as Kung Fury music director Mitch Murder, YouTube anime series "Senpai Club", and Shanghai artist Lu Yang among many others, they've amassed a worldwide following. They were featured performers at SXSW in 2017.

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