“Noname Folder” “Oishii-mono-ha-Oishii” just dropped.


“Noname Folder” released the new music song “Oishii-mono-ha-Oishii”

“Noname Folder” just dropped the new and hot song “Oishii-mono-ha-Oishii”. It will contain the song 'Oishii-mono-ha-Oishii' . Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

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  • 1: Oishii-mono-ha-Oishii

    Noname Folder

Relase date:2019-05-17

Genre: J-Pop / Rock

ALL Stores: Apple Music, iTunes Store, LINE MUSIC, Spotify, YouTube Music

Noname Folder

Noname Folder

Kanazawa→Tokyo. Three-piece rock band.

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