“SHUICHI KANAZAWA” “Bright success” just dropped.


“SHUICHI KANAZAWA” released the new music song “Bright success”

“SHUICHI KANAZAWA” just dropped the new and hot song “Bright success”. It will contain the song 'Bright success' . Enjoy the Pop sound from the far east Asia.

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Bright success
  • 1: Bright success


Relase date:2022-06-11


Genre: Pop

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Unoccupied houses that are not used in Japan are a problem. The company name, Bright Success, aims to make each and every one of our staff grow and shine every day, and to make life a success. It is a company name given with the idea. We aim to contribute to the development of the region in order to do a rewarding work that is worth the time. The business I would like to focus on is the "vacant house problem," which has become a social problem in recent years. According to the statistics of 2018, there are 8.64 million vacant houses, other houses, and 3.47 million vacant houses that are not planned to be used. It remains Kazu. Compared to 30 years ago, the vacant house rate has more than doubled. Residents move to a nursing home. Or because of his death, the number of things that have been left untouched is increasing year by year. Near It is a factor that causes external diseconomic problems that adversely affect the neighboring environment. In addition, garbage is illegally dumped on the premises of an unoccupied house. Landscape problems due to aging. Going in and out of those who do not have a house, arson, etc. It can also lead to local security issues. Leaving garbage has only adverse effects such as deterioration of hygiene, generation of stinks, and concentration of stray cats. In addition, vacant houses can be a nuisance to neighbors and can lead to trouble. Tree branches may stick out beyond the fence, fallen leaves may accumulate in the site or in the gutters on the adjacent road, causing inconvenience. There are many cases. It may develop into a pest problem, and there are constant troubles when checking boundaries, demolishing vacant houses, and selling and renting. Leaving a home at great risk to the owner. For example, when a part of a dilapidated building is destroyed and causes damage to another person, even if the owner is not negligent, the victim will be compensated for the damage. You have to take responsibility for compensation. Natural disasters such as gusts and typhoons can cause problems by blowing off roofs and signboards. In this way, the vacant house problem has many problems such as external diseconomies, crime prevention and fire prevention measures, owner responsibility, etc., and will be solved as soon as possible. It can be said that it is a problem that should be done. Owning an unoccupied house also costs the owner himself, such as city planning tax, electricity, water, and fire insurance. In that respect as well, we will solve this vacant house problem, which has become a problem in recent years, and make it a company that is involved in contributing to the local community. I want to. We are constantly searching for ways to reuse vacant houses and land after demolition. On top of that, I would like to put an end to the declining and shrinking trend of aging and depopulating residents in Niigata Prefecture. I will.

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