“Various Artists” “6 snow flaCUE” just dropped.


“Various Artists” released the new music Album “6 snow flaCUE”

“Various Artists” just dropped the new and hot Album “6 snow flaCUE”. It will contain the songs 'FUYU-UTA', 'Last winter song', 'Shiroi-Machi', 'Rainy December', 'Okurimono' and 'BAKANE...winter' total of 6songs. Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

The OFFICECUE Winter Song Series started in 2015 and will finally conclude this year, 2022! The last song in the series will be performed by Yo Oizumi! The last song in the series, "Baka Ne...Winter," is a gem of a song. OFFICECUE presents a total of 6 songs like snowflakes that color the winter.

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6 snow flaCUE
  • 1: FUYU-UTA

    Takuma Otoo

  • 2: Last winter song

    Shigeyuki Totsugi

  • 3: Shiroi-Machi

    Hiroyuki Morisaki

  • 4: Rainy December

    CUE girls & Takayuki Suzui

  • 5: Okurimono

    Aki Kohashi & Ken Yasuda

  • 6: BAKANE...winter

    Yo Oizumi

Relase date:2022-11-25


Genre: J-Pop

ALL Stores: Amazon Music, iTunes Store

Various Artists

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