“KaharuTakao” “sayuri” just dropped.


“KaharuTakao” released the new music song “sayuri”

“KaharuTakao” just dropped the new and hot song “sayuri”. It will contain the song 'sayuri' . Enjoy the J-Pop sound from the far east Asia.

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  • 1: sayuri


Relase date:2023-07-18

Genre: J-Pop / Pop

ALL Stores: Spotify



Why I compose music In recent years, many of someone's loved ones have died in pandemics and wars. I also lost someone I respected. I started composing music because I wanted to leave a living proof. Even if I die, my works will remain. Someday, someone I do not know may appreciate my work. However, my work may not be appreciated by anyone. No one knows the outcome. I think it is wonderful that no one knows. I will continue to compose music. As long as I am alive, I will continue. Thanks for reading. I appreciate the opportunity to meet you.

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